September 2019


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Rugby World Cup 2019

With its unique combination of history, gastronomy, neon-lit cities and natural beauty, Japan has something to offer global rugby fans and intrepid travellers alike. And now there’s a unique opportunity for your business to Be There for RWC 2019 with All Blacks Tours.

We’ve created a series of surprisingly affordable packages especially for New Zealand businesses which are designed to take you and your team right to the heart of the action. As well as being a once in a lifetime experience, a trip to RWC 2019 could have real benefits for your business, your team and your bottom line.


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Business Benefits

A world class staff motivation tool 

We all want to motivate our staff to achieve more, improve their productivity and increase income. And we know that when people work in an environment where they feel motivated, it can improve morale and teamwork too. In fact, a recent study by the International Society for Performance Improvement found that the right incentives can increase the performance of an individual in your business by 22%.


Increase loyalty, reduce turnover

We’ve all got those superstars that our business just couldn’t do without – people who form the heart and soul of the culture and always give their all. But even these high performers can feel under compensated or underappreciated at times, which means looking for ways to maintain and improve loyalty should always be top of mind. A recent report found that individuals who were part of a travel incentive programme were 80% more likely to have increased feelings of loyalty towards their business.


A reward with universal appeal

It’s all too easy to reward staff with a cash bonus when they’ve performed consistently well. But cash is quickly spent on fleeting things like bills and is unlikely to be remembered months later. Indeed, more recent research found that money is the most expensive way to reward employees. Our Rugby World Cup business packages are more affordable than you’d think, and could be just the way to reward team members with something that will create lasting memories.


Truly memorable client entertainment

If you want to thrive as a business, you need to evolve, listen, grow and stay in touch with your clients. One way to do this is to mix business with pleasure and take your clients away for a few days. What better way to do this than with a bespoke Rugby World Cup experience? We’ll take care of all the details for you, so you can focus on experiencing unforgettable moments with your clients.


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17 October 2019
Quarter Finals 2 & 4

Our Independent semi-finals and final packages have all the essentials you need without the restrictions of organised activities. Enjoy 3 nights of accommodation, official match tickets and a SUICA Rail pass….the rest is truly up to you! Tokyo is a city of unlimited opportunities and endless activit…

24 September 2019
Semi Finals Only

Join us, and over twelve million people in the heart of the most thriving metropolis in Asia. The knockout stage is undoubtedly the most exciting part of any Rugby World Cup™ and we want you to be there. Tokyo is full of astonishing diversity and an exotic blend of old and new. Despite all the excit…

31 October 2019
The Final & Bronze Final

It's finals time! You will be there as the tournament reaches its highly anticipated conclusion. Surround yourself with rugby fans from all over the globe to take in the pinnacle of world rugby. The Rugby World Cup Final is on every rugby fans bucket list, and this will not disappoint. 

Business be…

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